About Us

Salvagecarsale.com provides very specific and up to minute auction information about salvaged, wrecked, rebuildable or project car and truck auctions. We strive to display only very specific auctions that we know our customers are looking for. These types of auctions allow you, our visitor, to find specifically what you’re looking for without having to search all over the internet. The auctions listed here are meant to provide you with very a accurate list of what you are hopefully looking for.

Salvagecarsale.com has a partnership with eBay and eBay Motors so that we are able provide these auction listings from private sellers and dealers available nationwide. We feel eBay is the best option for buying a salvage auto online because
1. they have the largest selection, being the most widely known internet auction available today.
2. eBay is a trusted website which has set up an abundance of help to enable you to make a safe and pleasant purchase.

For more information about eBay Motors vehicle protection purchase programs click here

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